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Hard Work is Its Own Reward

It’s been a very exciting month here at Golden Orthodontics, even more than usual. First, I’m very proud to say that I’ve been chosen by my peers as one of the best orthodontists in Columbus. Every year, Columbus Monthly magazine asks dentists and dental specialists (including orthodontists) in Columbus to vote for their peers in the community who they consider to be among the very best. I was chosen in the field of orthodontics and as a result I have received an award and will be featured as a Top Orthodontist in the July issue of Columbus Monthly, which will be published in the last week of June.

I am truly honored to have received this recognition and I’m extremely excited that other professionals in the area appreciate and value my work.

That said, this honor is still secondary to the award I receive every day: Luckiest Orthodontist in Columbus/the World. I’m lucky to love what I do, to walk into the office every day as passionate about my work as the day before. But mostly, I’m lucky to love what I do in the community I love the most.

Obviously, the people who walk into my office are but a small sample of the larger Columbus community. Still, I’m constantly amazed by their stories, their passion and their compassion. Let me just give one recent example.

Montrose Elementary School, here in Bexley, is a wonderful place. The only problem is that its playground hasn’t been renovated in 25 years. The paint is chipping, it’s not entirely safe and, worst of all, it’s not handicap-accessible. A few years ago, the good people of Bexley started the Montrose Playground Project with the goal of renovating and modernizing the playground. They applied for grants, held a 5k run and a “Black Tie & Blue Jean BBQ” to raise money for the project. While the community was very responsive and generous, they were still $28,000 short of their fundraising goal as the deadline drew near.

Then someone did something amazing. One of our patients, John Laing, a 9-year-old Montrose student, made a video challenging the rest of us to reach into our pockets and help the last-minute push to the top. You see, John is a small-business owner who makes pot holders and wax molds. He saved $50 to donate to the Montrose Project and asked viewers of the video to beat his donation. Do you remember how much $50 was at 9 years old?!

John’s plan worked. The project hit its goal before the deadline and the renovation has already started. They still need volunteers for their community build. You should “like” their Facebook page and receive updates.

But their story is just one of many. There are countless more local heroes, and I try to highlight them on our Facebook page.

These are the amazing people I get to meet every day. That’s why I’m so lucky. So, while it’s an honor to be voted as one of the Best Orthodontists in Columbus, the real honor is just to be part of the Columbus community. Golden Orthodontics is still a young practice. We’ll turn 2 this August. But the lesson I learn every day is one that John Laing knew all along: When you work hard and care about what you do, the rewards are endless. Especially in Columbus.